Are we heading into an Ice Age?

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 15.06.44Are we being told the truth about our Climate? How bad is global warming or is our greenhouse effect speeding up a possible ice age?  What do we know about it?

We just leave all this important information to the government to look into these important matters of life or death for us. We wrongly believe that we can not do anything about it and leave all our future in the hands of people that are only interested in making maximum profit for the economy no matter what.

The evidence of the earth changing its magnetic field and changing its axes is overwhelming:

geomagnetic reversal is a change in the Earth’s magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged. The Earth‘s field has alternated between periods of normal polarity, in which the direction of the field was the same as the present direction, and reverse polarity, in which the field was the opposite.

What does this actually mean? How will this effect us and our climate?

Many scientist say we are not being told the truth about our climate and what is happening. They are talking about an ice age approaching us and they say it will not be in 1000ds of years this can and should happen in a very short space of time. Some say within less then 20 years and as little as 7 years from now!. This is linked to tsunami’s and volcanic activity and other natural disasters facing us.

Ice ages alway happen in cycles and we are due to have one this is also related to the pole shift and magnetic changes of the earth.

Why would nature now suddenly make an exception and skip this ice age?

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 15.32.27

It seems it is not just a global warming issue but one that may be far more challenging.

All this will effect the way we live as humans on this planet and our food resources. Judging from the last ice age map from 18 000 thousand years ago, we would loose approximately 30% of our land and agriculture is extremely effected. Forests would die because of depletions of minerals in the earth. There would be volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters facing us. Scientist say this is not 1000 of years ahead it can all happe within the next few years? I read that an estimated 7 billion humans may not survive this. That information alone is enough to make me find out more about what scientist and our history or any other resource that can tell me about what is really going on right now.

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There would be food wars due to shortage. Imagine all of the major city’s completely covered by glaciers and everyone trying to flee into africa and the tropical countries having to ask them to help after nobody from the western cultures were helping them all this time, leaving the tropical people plundered and starving and after not caring about the amazon rainforest etc expecting them to help us?

During these ice ages, almost all forms of life find surviving much more difficult than the abundant period of time that humanity is experiencing now. No matter how well prepared any person or group can be for the next ice age, they will eventually run out of supplies and need to start living off the land again. And since we are no longer cavemen or Neanderthals who survived by hunting and gathering, we need a well thought out plan for survival. The four minimum requirements needed for survival during the next ice age are food, shelter, water, and fire.

I dont know what is going to happen exactly but we should learn as much as we can about our climate and the probability of an ice age, learn about the magnetic field of the earth and how and when it changes as well as other things. We cant presume that this incredible planet is going to just keep providing for us and we dont even look at any thing but ourselves and expect to be ok without battering an eyelid.

I believe the governments of the world is informed but instead of addressing better energy options and helping everyone to be safe in the future they pretend absolutely nothing is happening and that anyway they are discussing the global warming issues in there meetings and it will be shorted.

Aperantly there are already ways of supplying everyone in the world with free clean energy and we can stop all the poverty issues in the world right this minute! However this is nothing to do with profitability and keeping the economy rolling like a fat pig as it is. We believe the most crucial thing in life is to have a big big economy  This is killing our planet, it is creating unethical situations it is not taking in consideration that nature and how our planet works is the boss.

One of my biggest concerns is that there will be wars and that the government might use nuclear or other strange ways of melting the ice or cause a warming of some kind. Unfortunately many things can come out of this situation that are not favourable. Unfortunately a global icing would not just be accepted as it causes an economy collapse and therefor maybe they already are experimenting with things to controle our climate in an aggressive way to manipulate it back to there convenience. America has the biggest military force so obviously will be taking center stage in controlling any situations including food rationing and people controle in such a big situation as global panic.

I know it is uncomfortable to think of all this but we cant just ignore this either and I quite frankly dont trust the government.

At this point we cant be ignorant and we must investigate options that are immediately going to change things for the better of man kind (not just the privileged).

Since wood would become more scarce during the next ice age, burning almost anything, including trash, could be the norm to stay warm and dry. However, in modern society, we mostly use electricity and fossil fuels to heat our homes. I predict that the world’s energy requirements will skyrocket to unfathomable heights to keep people alive. I can only hope that our scientists and researchers can eventually invent cheaper, safer, and renewable sources of energy, such as solar, wind, hydro, and fusion power and I hope that other ways will be invented, available and cheap to produce.

I feel that the government unfortunately lies to us about many things and we are never looking at the bigger pictures leaving all crucial decisions to these people. We never know what is in our food exactly, how it was farmed, what is happening with our climate or were our money goes. I can only encourage you to look at these videos that I have attached and try to look into the information that is available to us by  scientists. It’s important to not just shrug it off but at least study and educate ourselfs about hese things, to make your own decision of what you think is happening.

Quite rightly we need to see all the results from the scientists and also look at what other sources can tell us. History is also a good thing to look at and what ancient traditions found out about ice ages and how the universe works etc.

I strongly believe climate change is not a matter of opinion but one that we need to educate ourself about as a matter of urgency.

If we did go into an ice age what would happen? At the start of a next ice age, most farms on the planet would be devastated and would not be able to produce enough food. Additionally, most of the world’s population would move closer to or into the tropics, and these tropical areas will not be able to produce enough food for everyone either, especially when they are severely overpopulated. Therefore, the world would need different kinds of food sources that can better survive the cold. Also many people would go to the city’s believing that the food recourses are better there but it will be a big panic and to many people migrating in fear for survival.

During the last ice age, it is believed that the main source of food for Neanderthals was fish and rabbits as well as gathering what ever they could find. Fish and rabbits for example are more naturally resilient to cold climates. (

However our fish stocks are not in best shape so this is another reason to learn that keeping our natural cycles respected will always assure better food suplies in the future.  Our current food production is overproducing causing to much depletion in natures recourses unnecessarily so.

I don’t see how most livestock, such as chickens and cows, can survive perpetual winters for hundreds of years; so farms will need to switch to raising animals that can more easily withstand cold, especially if these animals can more easily forage and consume the limited plant growth during the ice age such as rabbits. Also, the production rate of these types of animals will be much higher than regular livestock such as cattle, thus more quickly feeding more people with fewer resources.

Potatoes and certain root vegetables is another thing that may become the easiest thing to grow in cold temperatures.

Large proportions of the planet will be covered in ice sheets and glaciers where edible green or cereal plants will not grow. Farms in warmer areas will have to switch to faster growing plants to be able to feed more people, especially with shorter warm seasons and limited farmlands. Growing food quickly with limited areas of farmland will be the key to feeding the world’s population in the next ice age. As a result,  farms may convert to using mostly greenhouses probably; where even in harsh climates, foods can be grown. Unfortunately, growing food either way will be much more difficult.  Most individuals possibly will be growing food in their homes and in small personal greenhouses. I dont know if we would have a currency anymore as the economy would collapse and people have no work other then to survive.

Most of our homes are not built to be able to withstand the weight of glaciers and most homes would be crushed and covered as well as extremely cold etc.

I believe the governments dont want us to panic as if we all did know what is happening we would ensure our survival and stop paying them our mortgages etc in the fear that the economy will collapse.

In any case I would prefere to live in a world that is working closely with nature and in consideration with all human beings and not as it is now, a world that serves only those who are privileged and not showing much compassion to others. After all that we see on the news, any problem is always in another country and this disassociates us from others and nature and one day surely we will be sorry for not behaving to our best with all that we know and instead have made economic values the dominating force in everything.

Mayan Agriculture and climate change

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 00.15.45
Antonio Mendoza, of Mayan activist group Oxlajuj Ajpop:What does cause us a great deal of concern is how to bring people together in the effort to refocus our behavior with respect to nature, global warming, and the neoliberal policies that only extract oil and minerals and install large factories, posing a serious threat to humanity. … The idea [behind Mayan organizations in Guatemala coming together in 2012] is to come together in unity and solidarity and salvage the valuable Maya knowledge about nature and Mother Earth

This new stage is extremely important for reflection and analysis about human coexistence and nature.Modern Mayans speaking up for environmental protection and protection of Mother Earth, and against neoliberal trade policies and extractive industries, is just another example of a wider Central and South American movement with roots in indigenous cultures speaking up for a different vision of humanity’s relationship with the planet.At the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, held in Bolivia, the following rights for Mother Earth, for Pachamama, were agreed upon:

The right to life and to exist; the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to balance; the right to not be polluted; and the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered. Controversially, it will also enshrined the right of nature “to not be affected by mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities.” (The Guardian)

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 23.03.23

El Naranjo Vase, with a Ixim´che´ or Breadnut tree

Connection To the EarthWhat does it mean to have a spiritual connection to the land? For the Maya it means that they think about their natural environment in a certain way, they interact with nature in a certain way, and they engage in rituals that offer respect to the forces of nature. The Maya are one of many indigenous cultures around the world that engages in what is known as a nature-based religion.

Spiritual significance is found in all living things. The Maya revere each animal and plant. One tree – the ceiba or cottonwood tree – holds special significance as the Maya use it as a symbol of the power of nature. Symbolically, the branches hold up the sky and the roots keep the earth together. The copal tree is sacred as well, as it produces the resin and the bark that are burned in censers during spiritual ceremonies.

mayan compass The “four corners of the earth” or the earth’s cardinal points are also important to the Maya; they are even associated with specific colors. The colors of blue and green are also important as they signify the sky and the environment.The four corners are important when praying; for example, a man may look to or turn to all four corners as he prays in his milpa prior to planting his corn.
AgricultureThe Maya are sustained by their use of the land for agriculture. The land where their sustenance is cultivated begins right outside their front door and expands over a very broad area of their village. Herbs used in cooking are often grown in pots next to their homes. Orchards of oranges and fruit trees may be close to the residence or closer to farmland. Farmland begins outside the center of the village and may be as far away as a two-hour walk.

There are several types of farmland that involve different crops and cultivation methods. A milpa is a plantation that has been cut from the bush and burned before it is planted, a technique known as slash-and-burn. The fire releases nutrients back into the soil.

For the Maya, agriculture represents a cultural connection to the land as important as traditional languages, arts, and ceremonies. Key to that connection is corn.
The cultivation of corn is connected ecologically, socially, and spiritually to Mayan culture. Sacred spiritual rituals specifically concerning the burning of a milpa, selection and use of seeds, and the actual planting of the corn have existed since the time of the ancient Maya.
corn milpa
Corn milpa
There is also a cultural significance to the cacao (cocoa) bean. In ancient times cacao beans were used as currency. Today the drink made from the ground bean is served regularly during family and community gatherings. Finally, cacao trees are of such importance that they are passed from one generation to the next as part of a family’s inheritance.

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Faced with global population growth, agriculture seeks the support of technology to meet the food demand. In contrast, in southeastern Mexico, the Mayan descendants practice ancestral rituals asking their gods to guarantes their harvest.

Here is a link to a very interesting article about Mayan Agriculture:

We have more power to help than we think.

Every penny we spend means something!

To be mindful of what we spend our money on can help save this world.

By choosing sustainable projects that are ethically focused, by investing and banking with company’s that are safe and not funding oil, war and other shortsighted activity that will lead to pollution  pain and death .

By choosing green energy as much as possible. By refusing to fund bad policys by informing ourselves will be a big step into helping our living planet.

Humanity is meant to Thrive