Food loves FILM and Film loves FOOD

Food loves FILM and Film loves FOOD! It has been a famous “actor” ever since the beginning of Film. In this section I will post my favourites and some of the best food scenes, documentary’s and films over the last decades. Please leave me comments of your favourites.


This is the first food film I ever saw….. accidentally when I was about 5
“The Gold Rush,” 1925

Producer: Jonathan Filley/ Directors: Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci/ 1996/
dir:Adrián Caetano prod:Lita Stantic, Matiás Mosteirín/ cast:Freddie Flores, Rosa Sanchez, Oscar Bertea, Enrique Liporace, Marcelo Videla/ 75’/ Argentina/ 2001

Dir: Nana Dzhordzadze/ Prod: Marc Ruscart/ Scrn: Irakli Kvirikadze/ Language: French and Russian with English Subtitles/ 1996/
nankyoku ryourinin 南極料理人 2009 filmJapan
(The Chef Of South Polar)
Sukiyaki (Japanese Movie)
dir: Katsuyuki Motohiro
The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
Actor Sedlmayr leads the audience in his role as a former court cook Theodor Hierneis as a tour guide through the castles Linderhof , Neuschwanstein and the Berghaus Schachen of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and tells of his early career as a kitchen boy at the court. In particular, the person of the king is the center of the very entertaining film. Sedlmayr also occasionally falls from the role of Hierneis and reported in the third person about the character.

The Peruvian documentary De Ollas y Sueños (Cooking Up Dreams) will premiere at the Havana Film Festival this coming Saturday and then be presented the next day in Long Island City to the Peruvian community in Queens. The film, directed by Ernesto Cabellos (who we interviewed here) asks the question: “Can a whole nation be represented in its kitchen?” and spends 75 minutes traveling along the coast of Peru, the Andes, the Amazon, and visiting Peruvian communities in Madrid, London, New York and Paris.
An unusual phenomenon is happening in Peru. The kitchen, something as mundane in any other country, has become a driving force behind changes. An articulated machinery producers, chefs, entrepreneurs, restaurants, consumers. Today more than 80,000 young people, rather than being footballers have chosen to study gastronomy.
Ferran Adrià, the chef most prestigious in the world and Gastón Acurio, the most influential chef in Latin America, together undertake a journey that explores the roots of the splendor and Peruvian cuisine capacity to transform lives.
Peru knows is the result of this trip, a moving testimony of how Peruvian cuisine has found a good recipe to boost social and economic development of the country. A phenomenon that is sweeping Latin America, where the cuisine is becoming one of the most important assets of the region.

I will keep adding movies as I go keep checking for up dates………

One thought on “Food loves FILM and Film loves FOOD

  1. Dear Li, discover this combination of Japanese cuisine and Galician is a positive surprise for me.
    As you will already had occasion to note, through your experience with Galicia, Mediterranean cuisine, being a traditional cuisine relies on seasonal local produce.
    I noticed several things in common between my culinary philosophy and what you describe in such exhaustive way.
    Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to try your cuisine in London.
    Do you think to post some recipes on your site?
    My compliments,

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