Today my blueberry’s are from Peru tomorrow Chile then Spain????? Dont be a passieve consumer

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 22.14.41It is of utmost importance that we raise our consciousness as human beings and look at how we buy into false security’s presented to us by a group of elite bankers and cooperations trying to controle only money leaving the world in such suffering- that does not make any sense at all.

By buying certain things we support the poverty of the world. The Chemical industrial agriculture consideres the 3 following points in order to gain complete controle and dependance :

  1. GMO as a way of control.Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 22.20.56
  2. Patenting Seeds as a way of controle, declaring seed to be private property etc
    Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 22.22.23
  3. Driving farmers out of business forcing them to buy there un-natural seeds.
  4. Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 22.26.26Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 22.28.28The creation of sterile seed in order to impose even creating more and more dependency of humanity controlled by the corporations.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 22.13.52

  1. This is creating bad health, imbalance and poverty in the world as well cause damage to our planet.

The chemicals used and the modified seeds are spreading through the wind creating problems on the land of natural farmers and the chemicals pollute the environment  the pros and cons of this seeminly mass production are becoming more and more evident and prove to be negatieve for humanity and should be rethought immediately.

I have been trying to set up a research of preservation and protection of ancient authentic seeds that may still be uncorrupted by contact of manufactured modified seeds and chemicals that have been released by the big food cooperations. I also want to record very old farming methods starting in Galicia. To protect these old methods for the future and to cultivate and articulate the ancient farming traditions and systems that were developed for hundreds of years by the people of the land. As technology advances the traditions seem to slip away and no longer are valued as important however nothing could be more further from the truth.

My research also involves fish however when ever I meet fisher companies hoping for there involvement in collaboration with the university’s  there interest is merely to improve there sales by applying my research, then to seriously consider the long term benefit of humanity unfortunately.

There has never been a more important time to focus and buy natural farmed goods and stop supporting money making cooperations that do not have a long term view for Humanity and only are driven trying to controle the source of all finance in the world.

We blindly believe everything we buy in Marks and Spencer must be good or fail to see how many of our fruit and veg comes from so many different places on a daly basis, naming the country of origin only!

No info as to what farm, farming method, what chemicals were used or anything. I had a packet of blueberry’s from Marks and Spencer for a month in my fridge and they only had shrivelled slightly with a few berry’s only having minimal little white fluff???

Still the supermarkets dont really tell us how our food was produced and still so many bad things are added and yet we are constantly assured of sustainability, local, low fat, fair traid etc but really it is not consequent overall. It would really be interesting to do a study of what really happens to all the food that is chucked away a year in total in the uk all coming from supermarkets, how much pollution all the production has caused, how much povety it is sustaining etc etc. So many questions?????

As human beings we have still not learned how to produce energy and food source/production that will be in tune with nature and truly sustainable on a global basis.

So much information exists on how we as a human race can improve our entire food supply, medicals and energy resources and this could be available to us now, however the few elite banks and cooperations of the world reaching for world domination still pull the wool over our eyes achieving to make us all passive consumers and victims of all this mismanagement .

it is time to step out and start to think different. How can we go on like this? It will only lead to more suffering and disasters in the world…

It takes effort to step out of all this but it is possible. The more we raise our awareness and take our power as people back we can improve this situation. The law is that the provider needs to cater to his customers demands. If we do not question and take a stand then we are indeed allowing these elite minority to take over the destiny of humanity!

Many scientists have already had severe breakthroughs on mans problems on earth, however the cooperations and banks etc interest is always to suppress these findings inorder to secure there incredible wealth.

I really commend all the great chefs that put so much effort in really helping to educate and source all there produce from true honest producers.

To commercialise food sources, health and energy is proving the downfall of man however there are people that really are taking notes from life itself and offering new ways that can change everyones life on earth right now!

How exiting is that 🙂

Here is some food for thought check out the part of energy, food supplies and medecine….