The sounds of Paolo Michelini

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This is my favourite Artist of Sound and Music. Words are not enough to say the things one can feel and perceive from the dimensions of sound thats why it has its own communication.

My dyslexic mind went a bit on a journey and here is a freestyle caption of the kind of investigation I found myself on after hearing the sounds of Paolo Michelini…

Everything is vibration so on a scale of the absolute all has the same nature however we separate and categorise vibrations when in fact one could harmonise all this as a conscious choice in your life without prejudice. If we all did an experiment and everyone start meditating on sounds in your life – that potentially could shift a lot of things in a very significant way. Perhaps more sensitivity in general about sounds in life would make some sounds just less desirable to make helping to create a better environment for all beings.

It seems everything has a sound and fundamentally this is vibrational. That could be interesting to explore.

Imagine all the sound of suffering that we blank out of our consciousness….if we really listen to that with full consciousness and awareness then we do not want to create this!

Paolo Michelini’s sounds for sure is inspiring me to listen more closely and with more sensitivity to everything including myself. It inspires me to find positive rhythms in my work and life layered with different impressions through sound vibration naturally accruing around me in the hear and now.

I was inspired to start a whole trail of thought experience because as you can see in the videos how he hears nature which is so incredibly beautiful sensitive elegant creative and fascinating.Perhaps I will try to hear sounds in a totally different way now.

In Kundalini or many spiritual practitioners globally have mantras which are vibration and sound which is healing and purifying so you start vibrating more positive and balance the damage of the world and beings.

Mantras vibrates on a powerful basis and I heard from high masters in Tibet that they only hear mantra all the time- everything is a mantra there is no good and bad all is one.

Not only mantras do this but the way we speak, sing and many other ways also can help heal and balance.

I think it could be good to discipline yourself on this. Your sound and vibration can definitely hurt and injure another.

I always say it is not what you looking at it is what you see and now I want to investigate and meditate the same principle with all sounds on a much more conscious level.

As a chef we have so many sounds and it is never consciously worked with. In Mugaritz and El Bulli there was experiments with  Music and food finding a dimension of were those creative energies meet and transform into music. I never exactly liked those expressions because it seemed very abstract and further away from the actual life in the kitchen and what that could creatively mean.

Imagine being in a kitchen with many people all with a different energy and state of minds and sometimes you try to tune in to everyone but if the person dont want to then that is how it is and instead of suffering it is important to know you can’t change what is happening but you can choose how you experience this.

Perhaps in communication If I could hear the sound rather then interpretate the meaning of the words and feelings?

I have a little mantra it is called “cancel clear delete” so when ever now someone comes at me with a seemingly negatieve vibration and instead of reacting back with more negativity I just do my cancel clear delete and give back a compassionate sound.

I dont need to carry that energy with me for the rest of the day or life. Listening to positive sounds will help clear that energy.

Sound is in the hear and now so by becoming conscious of this that is when you start hearing the music of what ever situation you are at that moment – right?

I am getting all sorts of inspirational thoughts now from just having listened to Paolo Michelini’s music…….

However it would be fascinating if in a kitchen like Mugaritz -in the kitchen itself for the sounds become not a separate by product of your activity of the day that you slip in and out of but becomes a sensorial part of how you work on a daily basis and surely all the sounds we make infiltrate the food  and everyones experience itself.

I don’t believe we taste with out month, hear with the ears and so on. For sure we separate these experiences for some strange reason however when things gel overlay in its wholeness everything has more volumen.

I dont know much about Paolo Michelini apart that he is from Italy and makes incredibly beautiful sounds so unfortunatly I cant write about him very much except to share my impressions and feelings of what his music inspired me to experience.

As the homeless chef of course I love going on journeys and this one is a really lovely positive creative one that I wanted to share with everyone else.

Oh and I forget to say that I will buy myself some nice headphones and this is going to be the music I will take with me to San Sebastian and this will help me so much to create beautiful things and help me through all that awaits me there at Mugaritz 🙂

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You can find his music on: