The perfect team…Javier and Taka from Culler de Pau

The most incredible thing to observe is a perfect partnership/ teamwork in the kitchen and there is no coordintaion more deep then Javier Olleros and Takahide Tanaka.

Incredibly in Culler de Pau the team is based on 2 people and 1 person in the pastry and the other work is done by   Biki. I call her super Biki as she is the KP, cleaner and prep person.

Watching Javier and Taka work is like music. Taka is exact to the point on everything Javier needs on the dot.

Most of the mise en place is all done by Taka himself. No matter what happens everything is always ready for service leaving Javier to manage the menu concepts and business dealings of the day.

I am not a writer and can not write about this relations ship in a way that it really deserves.

I just can say how amazed I was as to how connected they are and this level of trust is so rare.

When you manage to have people with you that no matter what situation will always have your back then you are truly blessed. On top of that Taka is always smiling.

For this reason I wanted to homage this special relationship: