About Mugariz… “Almost always, the creatieve minority has made the world better”…Martin Luther King

When I came to mugaritz I was truly touched by the entire sensitivity, refinement ,creatieve energy, passion but most of all the humanity.

All the people involved with Mugaritz are very beautiful beings located in a very special location doing incredible work and as in the quote above, this minority of creatieve people truly make the world a better place!

Jose Ramon ( the gentle man in the photo ) is the face of Mugaritz and I had the privilege to spend that evening with him who guided me through the world of Mugaritz in such a way that words are not enough to describe such an experience.

I wrote a letter to Jose Ramon and this is a little section of what I wrote:

“I just want to thank you so much for that evening and I want to tell you how elegant and what a beautiful special human being you are.

Your ability for customer care can only be described as a special gift and your level of humanity and sensitivity is outstanding and incredibly rare.

You have a real talent and gift you are one of the only persons I have ever seen that can implement service the way you do!”

I am aware that the experience of a special restaurant really requires incredibly refined, intelligent and most of all real humanity inorder for the project to have such an effect.

I have to mention I was so touched that a young talented lady was the head chef of Mugaritz and even though I only meet her briefly I could also feel how special she is. Her name is Juliet Caruso

As a chef I normally anallyse everything especially the food as well as the service and this is the first time in my life I did not do this and it did not matter to me how the dish was made or what plate was used what ingredient it is or what I would do this dieh etc.
As chefs we have a constant dialogue with in our mind, directing and projecting , criticising, questioning, goods and bads etc.

The miracle for me was I did not do this and probably for the first time in my life.

Very rarely can a restaurant experience do what Mugaritz stands for.

Everything that night was like a unique symphony were every element served and everything around me was transcending inspirations and feelings that were incredibly refined. The form itself was just a vessel containing meaning, beauty, delight, it is what I would describe as a true creatieve dimension, witnessing it being in it there and then in that moment.

Not one thing was better then the other but every element is part of one whole experience from the tables how they are set, even they had a presence. They reminded me of a abstract Alexander McQueen creation. Everything was amazingly interconnected.

The person who designed Mugaritz truly manifested a living creatieve space that is outstanding:

This is the most beautiful restaurant experience on such a profound level that I ever had in my life and I still have tears when I think of mugaritz.

I listen to everything Jose Ramon was telling me. His voice was like as if he were taking me on a journey thought he hart of all the people and history of Mugaritz.
Jose Ramon took one of one of the plate sculptures and started to role them on the flor as they are all based on an axis.

I can still fell the axis moving of the plate sculptures, the sound when they role perfectly on the floor amongst the floating tables.

To for once experience this level of refined sensitive elegance from all of the people in mugaritz literally means everything to me.

It means that all these years of harsch criticism and difficulties were not for nothing.
I feel now that there is nothing wrong with me for having my feelings and ideas about what you can transcend with your work. Undoubtably Mugaritz is proof that any profound human feeling, emotion and artistic dimension is possible and that being receptieve and sensitive is a wonderful quality.

I have for years looked and studied the concepts and food expressions of Mugaritz and despite this I was amazed as to what happened to my senses that day I came to Mugaritz: the restaurant the food the people the tables the environment all became a medium, transcending something much more interesting. It did not matter any particular thing I was completely absorbed into a very real and meaningful experience that is why it is like magic and I literally felt like alice in mugaritz land.

I know it sound a bit bizarre how emotional I am about this restaurant however it is worth me trying to write about this special moment in Mugaritz as the experiances are things I usually only have felt when I am in nature or hearing certain music or a very inspirational movie, reading or hearing someone inspirational talk, poetry, art or if I have a deep realisation or vision in my mind.

I never really knew that a restaurant experience could go so deep.

I am still blowen away by mugaritz. I could not mention everyone in my blog unfortunately but will try to over time to update and develop this page.

I will always remember this experience forever like a poetry like a dance like a theatre piece like a piece of abstract music.

Andoni must be as we said that night … an incredible human being!