The Beauty of Mise en place

For Chefs that work hard dedicating there entire life to being in the kitchen devotedly seeking perfection, there is only one connection……..and that is NATURE.

One of the very first things I fell in love with being a chef apart from eating and sourcing produce, foraging, traveling, plating and creating has always been Mis en place.

I enjoy this part so much, taking care of the amazing things from nature and the incredibly dedicated and devoted people who produce wonderful things for us to use in the restaurant is pure pleasure.

This is something I dont want to rush and neglect at any stage as that would be a pure insult to the harvesting of any Product,  vegetable, herb, animal or fish. Here is a homage to the pleasures and process of Mis en Place. Pictures were taken in Culler de Pau:

And all the work at Culler de pau is then rewarded with the most spectacular sunset which we can see from the kitchen. Culler de Pau is truly a dream restaurant!