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Tapas: Spanish design for food exhibition

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Spain’s culinary prowess is no secret. Both El Bulli & El Celler De Can Roca have claimed the prestigious number one spot in the World’s 50 best restaurants, with Mugaritz hot on their heels. Their ability to seamlessly combine flavour, spectacle & design without losing sight of their geographical roots, has helped raise awareness of Spain as a culinary melting pot. One that is simultaneously forward thinking and avant-garde whilst remaining wholesome and familiar.

Yet Spain’s food & cultural landscape goes much further than the fame of these big hitters. As a celebration of Spain’s contribution to contemporary food design, the Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) have commissioned a roving exhibition showcasing over 200 objects that explore the relationship between food, design and science and how they’ve influenced eating habits and the cultural landscape of Spain.

Tapas: Spanish design for food, has been divided into four sections- Kitchen, Table, Food & Wine- exploring the evolution of traditional objects such as the Paella pan and wine pitchers, like the porrón, alongside a string of tools designed for the likes of Ferran Adrià creations, whilst also looking at the architectural designs of wineries and restaurants across Spain.


The exhibition also includes collaborations with leading chefs and food designers such as Marti Guixe, who through his project ‘Embedded Drinks’, infuses edible snacks with alcohol, harking back to an old Catalonian tradition that soaked bread in wine & sugar.


Whilst the exhibit is currently touring America, having already made a pit stop in Tokyo, clams crossed it might cross into British Soil. For now, download theipad app to get a glimpse of the designs.