Staff Meal…Noma

Staff meal is the most important part of the day. Many restaurants do it different ways.

In Ryugin Tokyo we stand eating in the kitchen with in 10 min. In nobu you have to be ready every day to feed 65 personel cooking something for everyone, vegetarian, salads, muslim etc.

Having to cook for so many people on a split shift is a challenge and to also run your section which is for about 400 covers a day.

Usually most restaurants take a moment to sit all together.

Most important is to think about good food, Chefs that cook on such a leve if eating bad things dont learn about taste and the other point tis nutrition. To make food to help chefs stay in form mentally and physically.

Being a chef is like a sportsman and nutrition should be taken care of more precisely.

Eating together is key as it is truly a family meal and restaurant should be always treated as a family affair.

Cooking rotas to give different chefs the opportunity to cook something definitely psyches up chefs to cook something nice helping individuals to learn and also share new ideas and cultures.

I have learned so much from eating staff meals around the world especially about peoples cultures.

When ever I am not working in a restaurant I am at a loss as I am not very happy cooking for just myself. I am so used to cooking for everyone and big pots.

Here is a nice video by Noma were Rene explains the importance and significant elements of the chefs family meal.

Staff Meal…Noma