BIKo Mexico

South America is without a doubt the culinary goldmine at the moment because of the increadable nature and what ingredients it has to offer. From barks to pods, tapioca, black rice, priprioca, tucupi, beldroega, fihote ……gosh really exotic things form all over south america …..the amazon.

A litteral play field and enough to make any chef mad with excitement. I just want to loose myself in the senses of flavours perfumes and textures coming up with incredible new ideas.

My friend and chef Pepe Solla is in Lima Peru right now. I will report as soon as he gets back to Galicia.

All us chefs are truly exited not only about the ingredients but also the chefs and gastronomic revolutionary movement erupting across south america.

I really like the guy’s from Biko check them out on

I have a fascination for black food and white food simply stunning!