Shock-o-latier Dominique Persoone

“Lets make it a sweeter world” Dominique Persoone

This is a super cool Chocolatier who makes really great chocolates and loves to go on expeditions through different parts of south america looking for the depth and different flavours within the different bean varieties.

The Chocolate shooter for actually inhaling tasting, experiencing the flavour of chocolate in a new way which is through he nose:

It is a mixed powder is of ginger mint and chocolate that you inhale it with his funny machine based on his grandfathers tabacco powder sniffer.


You sniff the mix it kind of shoots it up your nose right up into your brain so full on chocolate dimensions and then server with this experience eis a dessert of Strawberries and cream.


I love extreme things, anarchy and rebel stuff so he is definitely one of my favourites.


Here is Dominique’s Bio:

  •  The Chocolate Line in 1992 (Bruges) and opened a new shop in Antwerp in March 2010
  • 1 of the 3 chocolate shops in the Michelin Guide
  • Spencer Tunick
  • 5 professional customers:
    – Oud Sluis
    – Hof van Cleve
    – Pure C
    – Hertog Jan
    – De Jonkman
  • Created the Chocolate Shooter for a birthday party of the Rolling Stones
  • Won the price of ‘Best Chocolate book of the world’ (Gourmand Cookbook Awards) with ‘Cocoa, the roots of chocolate’ in 2009
  • Created some chocolates together with the famous milliner Stephen Jones
  • Created a chocolate dress for Miss Belgium for the opening of the chocolate festival ‘Choco-Laté’ together with Nicky Vankets
  • Njam! Chef (television)