Quique Dacosta



Quique Dacosta is the chef of an eponymous Spanish restaurant in DéniaProvince of AlicanteSpain. Following the closure of elBulli, Dacosta is one of the new leaders of avant-garde cuisine in Spain.

He only uses locally-sourced ingredients from within 75 km of his restaurant.

Quique Dacosta is a real inspiration and his work is phenomenal.  In photos the food looks amazing but really its all about the taste and experience.

This is definitely one restaurant you must plan to visit.

From the waking hour,
these hunting ground, furrowed by Grasses and Rocks
left in you the memory of its roughness, its austerity.

In your youth,
this region between the Sea and Huerta
lavished you with sea mist and impregnated you with scents.

When you started writing your first chords,
colored in green and blue by the Mountain and the Coast,
you brought ideas and emotions to the stage,
that impalpable source that cannot be ignored.

How fortunate you are, Quique!
I have the feeling you have traveled
through paradise and all its treasures.
And in the course of those moments you have captured,
and in the course of that long voyage you have reached
the ineffable, the unspeakable, the invaluable…

From the marvels of that Eden,
you have taken aromas, architecture, forms.
In one word: life.

Shaped by the legacy of this journey,
the Man-cook you are today
does not seek the magic spell, but he does seek conviction.”

Michel Bras
Bras Restaurant, Laguiole (France)