Pure hell to be in London when this is happening in San Sebastian

The international culinary showcase Gastronomika San Sebastian , the great event being held these days in the capital of Guipuzcoa, a dialogue filled with innovation.

A place were the passion between all the great chefs and new generations can be felt and celebrated.

Thank god these meetings exist and being there changes one in thinking, feeling and seeing.

I am so sad not to be able to be there. I normally will plan my year ahead making sure I am at these kind of places as they give me so much power and encouragement. I feel at one and know what I am doing thinking and feeling is good shared by a community of great chefs.

It is painful to not have been there as I know at these events the air is filled with greatness and a living element of creative inovation is  pulsating so strong that it is infectious for the creative and passionate ones.

Pierre Gagnaire, a lion of French cuisine  and a huge list of heroic chefs  all appeared in this event:

Michel Bras with Sebastian Bras, Paco Torreblanca, Jordi Roca, Christoph Michalak, Berasategui, Arzak, Mugaritz…the list goes on in iconic fashion.

“Quique Dacosta,  followed with essential minimalism of the terrestrial and marine, with proposals as a cococha , made with ham pil pil.”

“The Malaga Chef Dani Garcia stated “the future of crispy” with a seabed (ethereal shrimp omelet) with obulato (a transparent sheet often used for medicinal use in Japan).”

” Albert Adrià summarized the new experiences of 41 º, ” snackería and cocktails “, where a lawn of raspberry and a tree pistachios tender with wasabi can synthesize world flavours to thrill audiences here.”

I can feel the greatness of this event even here from the UK.

Next year is a must!

Funnily enough, a short while after I finished writing this article and feeling a little sorry for myself for not being in San Sebastian right now, the phone rang and my friends from Culler de Pau called me. I was so happy and I am floating on a cloud here in London with a big smile on my face and hart filled with gold sublimely hit by the love and passion from all my friends in spain 🙂

Now it’s not that bad being here knowing they are always sending me there kitchen powers from all the way over there!!!!

This was the day we had to return to london after working together with Javier and culler de Pau. This was our family time together with Pepe Solla at his Restaurant.