Paul Liebrandt…a matter of taste

is the way
And hard,
that out of hell
leads up to light.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, 1667
“Chef Paul Liebrandt food melds the tradition of classical cuisine with a contemporary, personal approach to ingredients and technique and a uniquely graphic visual style. His most recent restaurant, Corton, at which he is Chef and Owner, has been at the forefront of the New York and national dining scene since opening in October 2008, having been honored with two Michelin stars, three stars by The New York Times, and enshrinement in Esquire magazine’s industry pantheon, its Best New Restaurants list.”
I am so pleased about this short film that documents the facts of what a chef has to go through inorder to get to were he wants to be.
You always know what you want to do exactly and how to do it however so many obstacles are in your way and you can find yourself on a road that seems your life is heading for the toilet instead of Michelin heaven. You are young and full of passion and then embark into the unknown dimensions of bad business partnerships and projects that really take it out of you, in Pauls case it was flipping burgers to consulting for marshmallows until one day someone who knows what they are actually talking about letting him do the work he needed to do inorder to achieve excellence.
It is a story I can identify with so much as I have been in many of the mentioned situations on this film  myself.
I added a link below of this short film which is showing you the real side of how it is when you are a chef on your own with nothing but your passion on your side.
Paul Liebrant is a natural chef with a very wise soul already at such a young age and due to his passion and perseverance achieved his goals. He seems like a really cool guy but most of all a really nice human being with a real gift for what he does.
In the film you see Paul being slated by critics at his early stages of being a chef.
Food critics should celebrate chefs that are adventurous instead of putting there set ideas of how things should be to there personal taste! I dont think a chef has to comply with any format and is allowed to create complexity and ambitious dishes as this is normal for any chef that has passion running in there vains.
Why not have a lot of things going on in your dish? It does not always have to be simplicity  I think it is important to go for the ambitious dishes as we eventually find our core. Chefs work with the feedback of everyone but we should also allow ourselves to join the journey of the chef as any chef that goes that far to be ambitious and taking risks is someone on a very exiting journey of looking to brake boundaries  This is not something we can learn by being conservatieve, we have to go into the unknown to find something that becomes more refined as we develop as chefs.
Look at Ferran Adria’s dishes early stages till now the dishes look so different right. Also even until recent not every dish was to everyones taste at el bulli…it;s a journey and also relating to this avantgarde idea Ferran decided to not make the food to please everyone it is a presentation of ideas and creativity.
Watch the film it is really inspirational!