Nobu was the beginning of my life as a chef (apart from Toshiro Mifune).

If it was not for him I would not have experienced the successes I did and for that I will always have a special feeling in my hart and integrity toward him.

I returned to Nobu in 2008 to give something unique back to Nobu after winning many awards and best japanese restaurant working with chefs from nobu for my first restaurant, however the kitchen operation at the time was really suffering from limited vision.

Surprisingly not many chefs knew the basis of japanese cooking nor anything about south american cuisine.

Nobu’s dishes are really incredible and a joy to cook when cooked with the true knowledge of the 2 cuisines.

I cant think of any other chef that created so many signature dishes so that most customers dont have to look at the menu everyone knows his dishes of by hart across the globe.

His signature dishes are all stars icons. Some people say he never is changing his concept, however how incredible is that: he doesn’t have to!

I will always love Nobu!