Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

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We are chefs in a very big industry and a world becoming more and more corporate as we speak.

However we are always going to be beings having a human experience. Loving and caring for  my colleagues is something I never can afford to not feel. I love each person on my team as much as I love the entire aspect of that which makes us human.

We truly are all here to have a human experience primarily and therefor I am only interested in relating, understanding, learning and working together with people, animals and our environment as a whole. I want to thank Jhony D, David Legrand and Sergio del Castillo Mora, Javier, Taka-san , Lou and all the other people that I have had the pleasure of working with past, present and future for all the experiences and new understandings it has brought to me. I know it sounds corny but I cant be without my team, it means everything and it gives meaning to my whole life. The service that I provide and the result of any creatieve dish can never fill the significance of that of the people in your team and life.

It is not always easy to make people believe in what you want to do and it is not about what I want to do but to have a vision that people can personally relate to and have trust in. To have people support you on a special journey to create something from nothing is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had.

This does not just accure everyday, it happens only occasionally and when this happens you really see interesting things happening. This is what I feel is the most interesting part of creating.

There is a very interesting thing that happens when a group is connected in that way, which l would describe as a shared consciousness were when a dish is being development people on the team endorse the trail of creation –  the technical side as well as the creatieve inspiration. It will manifest between all the key people and therefor it is a shared experience and everyone is connected to the idea and process which is important inorder to make everyone involved to feel alive and all this translates to the experience of the entire restaurant or event.

I come from a musical family so it is very much like the magic that happens between a band when they are creating and jamming or like surfers all riding the great wave.

Surfing a big wave is like becoming one with something so incredibly powerful and you are in perfect synergy with everything at that very moment .

It is this invisible energy that is so fascinating and that is behind all of creating.

There is you and others, there are ideas, culture, time= in the moment, seasons, tools there is a starting point and this invisible element that makes everything flow to a rhythm, making complete sense.

Creativity has it’s own intelligence and it manifests itself just as it needs to be. A true creative leader will be able to share and transmit this feeling with all the people involved in a project.

It is not always smooth but this is also part of everything.

I love to see this energy filter through every aspect my work. What excites me the most about being a chef and life-  is this and the endless possibilities of the nature of creativity.

When I meet chefs all I see is there potential and that is what I want to connect with the rest is a journey of everyday tuning into this potential. Many times in kitchens it is not like this and you are often nothing but a means to and end thats when chefs just eventually disengage emotionally and intellectually  You just lost that which can make all the difference to everything in your business.

Sadly most cooperate investors/ or certain kind of owners or even head chefs of restaurants rarely understand or undervalue this way of working. If they did then they would facilitate things differently inorder to support this way of achieving there goals.

Creativity between humans without jelousy and defiled lower emotions is the most fantastic and the most positieve energy we humans can ever engage with.

I am not saying we chefs are changing the world however this energy I am talking about truly can change the world.