Natura by Albert Adria and Mateu Casañas El Bulli

Natura is one of the most beautiful and wonderful dessert books ever created inspiring chefs world wide.The book contains undoubtably the most extraordinary creations. A book that I love and cherish and will always admire and hold dear.

Natura is like many of food’s greatest wonders in that its catalyst stems from a mistake. A simple miscalculation of time while working with a proven dessert led Chef Albert Adria, of the famed elbulli restaurant, to embark on a two year project that spawned this amazing pastry work. He looks to the physical world for his inspiration while placing an emphasis on nature’s ability to achieve balance and perfection, even though in appearance this is not always the case. Chef Albert discusses his philosophy on differentiation in shapes of end products. He does not always work with exact shapes, yet recognizes the need to respect a plated dessert’s structure and proportion. The development of new techniques such as “microwave sponge cake” is another byproduct of Chef Adria’s free thinking pastry mind. This book will challenge your thoughts and offer you new creative avenues. It contains 49 full page color photos, with a separate CD containing the same 49 stunning photos and their respective recipes.

The world of Albert and Ferran Aria is always something that is unbelievably difficult to describe as to how much it moves, stimulate, inspires truly evoking and provoking deepest emotions and feelings as well as revolutionising my minde as a chef and an artist.

The book Natura has become a cult reference pastry book and every chef possesses it as a treasure amongst there book collections.

This book is not only a book that is important for chefs world wide but a perfect gift to anyone. The joy and sweetness of this book is irresistibly charming and meaningful showing us all to bring more then just food to a table.

Albert Adria, Ferran Adria’s younger brother, joined the kitchen of elBulli at 16, spending the first two years learning all the stations. He then decided to focus on pastry, and worked for other pastry chefs around Spain during elBulli’s winter breaks, to hone his craft. In 1997, after 12 years, he left elBulli behind but has remained involved in elBullitaller—literally, “the workshop”—where elBulli’s menu development takes place when the restaurant is closed several months each year. The chef is the author of Los Postres de elBulli (“desserts from elBulli”) andNatura, a groundbreaking pastry cookbook in which he creates desserts inspired by nature that take the form of landscapes. He also collaborated on the elBullicookbooks and on A Day at elBulli. Adria is also a budding filmmaker: he co-directed elBulli, historia de un sueño (“elBulli, story of a dream”), a documentary on the restaurant released in 2009. In 2006, Adria opened Inopia Classic Bar, a high-end tapas restaurant in Barcelona that was famous for the velvet rope behind which guests had to wait—as well as for its innovative, flavorful take on tapas, of course. Inopia closed in July 2010, but Adria opened a cocktail bar, 41º, in November and will open another restaurant in January. The Main Course met him after his presentation at the International Chefs Congress in New York in Fall 2010.

Two of the people who were assisting Albert  Adria on his book of NATURA  was Mateu Casana and Andres Conde two of the key Pastry figures of elbulli.

Mateu Casaña

Mateu Casañas born August 6, 1977 in Roses. Studied EGB, BUP and COU at Centre School Empordà Roses. 1996 In 1996 contact with the world of restoration in the restaurant If plau us of his home town, who runs his family. 1997-present In Summer first enters 1997 in elBulli for a testing period, thanks to the friendship between their parents and Juli and Ferran. During the winter of this year working on elBullicatering, located in the Barcelona Aquarium. In March 1998 as assistant enters the cold room of elBulli, and after two months is starting head of this section for the remainder of the season. The last three months of last year an internship at the restaurant Mas Pau Avinyonet of Puigventós (Girona). In January, February and March 1999, an intern with the Turia restaurant, under the direction of Rafa Clarassó. In elBulli has desarrrollado chief responsibilities starting of meat, fish, warm starters, entrees and preparation kitchen, plus second chef and purchasing manager. within this period goes through a stage at the Four Seasons, High Park Corner, London.

Representing the elBulli pastry (of which he is chief from 2003 to the present under the command of Albert and Ferran Adrià), received the award of Best of the gastronomy of 2005 at best pastry chef of the year.

Mateu Casañas has an increasable reputation as a teacher and person to work with.
Not only is his skill and imagination of the highest degree but more is even his humanity and ability to nurture others.
So much so that many exclaim there gratitude in such beautiful words and hart as below:
“The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate “apparently ordinary” people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people.. My Chef Mateu Casañas has done this and more with me. He gave me so much that I must thank him for ever.
The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who is tough and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.” He is great in doing this …
I had achieve many goals in my time at ‘ EL Bulli ‘, no one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude. My Success is that I have more knowledge then what I had before going in to ‘ EL BULLI ‘ with Mateu Casañas.”

Words by Najat Kaanache

This is exactly what many people feel after having worked with Mateu Casañas.
Sergio del Castillo Mora

Sergio del Castillo Mora also had the privilege to learn and study with this great pastry chef in 2008.

Without any doubt this was the most significant and important experiences for Sergio, sharing the very same feelings as Najat Kaanache who working in el bulli for 7 months.
Sergio was working with Mateus just after the great book “Natura” had been released. The techniques were all relating to the book showing new and very innovative ideas but more so were enigmas of imagination transcending the limitation of what pastry can actually comunicate.
From that point of having spent time with Mateu’s dessert training, Sergio’s path as a pastry chef took on a whole different meaning in his life propelling his journey to strive for new ideas, feelings and concepts for his own creations as a Pastry Head Chef London NOBU Berkeley ( Sergio has been pastry chef in Nobu since 2005.)
Below is Mateu Casañas and Andres Conde in 2008:

After the closing of El bulli in 2011, former head of elBulli cuisine  opened the restaurant in Cadaques  by the name of Compartirc which means “Sharing”  with  elBulliFoundation, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch

These professionals lived 15 years as active actors in this explosive el bulli concept of gastronomy  before launching their own business.

Albert Adria and Andrés Conde opened Tickets and 41 degrees in Barcelona with many more dreams and creations to pleasure us in the near future.

I dont really like to show to many pictures of Tickets as it should really be a surprise. I dont want to spoil it however there may be people that can not travel so I just show a few deserts so everyone who cant go can get a little sense how much fun and good TICKETS is. 41degree is also really fantastic and very different as a concept.

This dessert is a magical creation evoking fairy tale memory’s of little red riding hood in the forrest 

ACDC as a dessert was pure genius  one of my favourite rock band and singer ever. It comes with the full blast music evoking the rock god in you . It is hard not to get up and start rocking out with everyone in TICKETS.  Absolutely fantastic experience of the fact that food can have all the aspects of what man can feel: sadness, happiness  mystery, HUMOR, intellectual, art,  the dish can challenge you to debate, to cry so many things…. it is absolutely incredible and thanks to chefs like Albert and Ferran Adria that we can learn how to do this as they have taken everything – to always as far as they can – opening the doors for all possible imagination to ignite and inspire us.