Mugaritz 2013 Making space and time to be creators

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Every year Mugaritz closes its doors to dedicate space and time to focus on being creators.

It is important to set aside this time, especially for a restaurant like Mugaritz.

To be a creator is not easy in our industry and still the business side is always given the main emphasis, believing that if a restaurant is to creatieve it does not make any money. I dont believe this is true as ideas can be generated to find ways to assist a creative project very well if needed. Ferran has released books, products amongst other things and was able to transform the culinary focus on a global basis.

I always will admire the courage of chefs like Ferra Adria, Andoni Luis Aduriz and other chefs, that have given value and meaning to the creatieve process and work of a chef.

Never being afraid of the unknown, nature,humor, emotions, concepts, poetry, research, design, technology, science, philosophy’s, experimentation and the development of so many new techniques tapping in to the creatieve realms of infinite possibility’s. Always daring to go to new and risky territory’s and dedicated to always bring surprise to everyone each season.

Andoni recentlly spoke about the new season of mugaritz in Eater:

How are you looking at the new season at the restaurant?

“I’m seeing it the same way I do every year: with a lot of respect, doubt, and fear. We’ve got a blank page we need to fill in two months. I think a lot about the fact that we have an identity and that the years are linked, obviously. We like the poetic aspect of cooking, we like evocation, we like bringing people together, and we like austerity. Our dishes are getting more and more austere. They might have complexity behind them, but a lot of these plates have just one or two things on them. They are nude, clean. We’re working on a new dish that is going to be a big surprise.”

He say’s that Mugaritz  dedicated over 12,000 hours to creativity.

Instead of looking out they look within and collaborate with very interesting people. Recently there has been a collaboration with a board game designer.

On my last visit to Mugaritz I spoke to Joserra Calvo explaining how he worked witht he front of house with dancers to create movement through space.

Having trained as a dancer it made complete sense to me and it also resinated with Japanese service elements which are based on minimal and precise gracious and soft movements.

The way you place something or remove from a table is very refined at its best. Mugaritz lends itself perfectly to a abstract dace and food film, showing the creatieve dynamics between the guest, service, chefs and dishes.

Andoni likes his guests to be active participants in the meal. It’s interactive. He wanted to continue to develop the idea that the diners are the accomplices of Mugaritz.

The development and integration of so many elements are considered at Mugaritz which not everyone sees, feels or notices in its entirety. Every guest will perceive things differently according to how receptive the person is to what ever is going on at that moment. This is were the poetic elements of Mugaritz becomes alive and vibrant. Throughout the evening the different experiences create a kind of creatieve symphony leaving one highly charged on creatieve frequency’s that last infinitely long.

A very beautiful and poetic experience!

Pictures from Mugaritz