Little POP UP shop in Rochester by Flavours of Spain

ψPop up 4th October- 31st December 10.30-5pm closed Sunday and Monday  * this is not your normal Spanish foody shop!!!!

I visited Theresa and Ana  to investigate there sweet little POP UP shop in Rochester Kent.

On entering the shop there is a wonderful authentic aroma coming from all the incredible delicious products Ana and Theresa carefully handpicked for us to try here in the UK.

Flavours of Spain was founded by Ana Caballero and Teresa Holmes a dynamic and happy Spanish-English collaboration team. Flavours of Spain has grown in reputation as suppliers of some of the country’s finest artisan produce and limited-production wines, specialising in Galicia and the north of the country.

I am a complete appreciator of specialist artisan producers and there refinde as well as important work,producing clean natural flavours all handcrafted foods by very special families throughout spain. The producers flavours of spain work with are exactly my kind of people and all my producers are exactly as devotes as I am about producing something. They are completly passionate, up keeping old traditions of cultivating these unique products and I assure you it is so worth visiting – Ana and Theresa’s PoP UP shop to taste there unique and authentic treasures from Spain.

Spanish goods are in abundance however this particular level of fineness is very rare and flavours of spain represent this niche at it’s best indeed. The secret to there successes you may ask… pure pure passion!!!

To be able to offer what they do is very labour intensieve and commands a devoted and passionate commitment that I have not seen anywhere the way Ana and Theresa embody this.

All I can tell you they are here in the uk, they do many activity’s visiting markets near you also occasionally host supper clubs….you must go with some friend as they will host you with charm telling you all about every single products story and with laughter and warmth that will warm anyones cockles.

The shop is so cuite and villagy in a house that feels like an old ship, crooked and full of character.

The little town of Rochester also magically evokes a small resemblance and senses of Galicia Santiago.

Instead of the cathedral they have a caste ruin and a story of medieval wars and world war 2 battles.

Its 30-45 min from London so well worth the trip.

Here is a little report of what foods I had the absolute pleasure of tasting and a little about my day in Rochester:

Rochester Castle stands on the east bank of the River Medway in Rochester, Kent, South East England. The 12th-century keep or stone tower, which is the castle’s most prominent feature, is one of the best preserved in England or France.
Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, rallies the younger horsemen at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 There was a lot of fighting over power going on here between the King and the Bishop.
Rochester Cathedral.
There is a big historic event that took place her. I surgets you come down to investigate Rochester’s History and then visit Ana and Theresa in the Pop up 5 min away from the Castle of Rochester.
Walking down this charming little town road you will find Flavours of Spain’s little POP UP shop
Next to flavours of spain is a cute old little lady’s afternoon tea place with flowery teacups and cakes. The Little Pop up shop “flavours of spain”  has a little dining area and mini garden
Ana and Theresa are so loveable and passionate always ready to tell you everything about the products. You could not get a warmer welcome anywhere!
Always making people feel welcome and sharing a laugh together with there visitors.
I have attached a very good video about the situation and culture of Iberico. It is important to know as many low quality claiming to be iberico’s are being sold throughout the world and it is important to learn a little about this incredible culture of Iberico.
On the left is PALETA the front leg of the pig. The one on the right is the JAMON back leg of the Iberico. These are from the La Dehesa naturally the iberico bigs feed from Oct-Febuary on the Achorns naturally. This breed is Iberian Lampiño. The race is named after the place where it has developed over centuries, the Iberian Peninsula. The Iberian pig is the clearest representative of extensive pig in Spain, a traditional support of our important ecosystems of the Mediterranean forest, the meadow.
They have only been open 1 week  however the little town of Rochester has already taken to Ana’s and Theresa’s warm harted Pop up venture.
I really like the way they have displayed everything here in the shop it looks really beautiful everything is showing off its natural and individual beauty.
These are natural honey’s from Galicia. Flavours are deepy natural
These is beautiful handmade cheese and the skinn alone the textures and colours look so beautiful of all the cheeses from Flavours of spain
This cheese is incredible in every way:
it is made with 3 different kind of milks: cows, goats and sheep.
the blue veining is completely natural. Most cheeses are injected.
This cheese is then matured in natural caves.
The flavour is complex and dense however very natural and clean. This is super unique and phenomenal. Try cooking a really best stack from your artisan butcher well aged, medium rare and this cheese on top for a complete umami bomb….oh and of course with a really nice goblet of finest red wine. I would call this a celtic supper to have in the Rochester fortress ruins.
This cheese is called CABRALES a name fit for a legendary cheese!
This is not any old saffron oh no…it is according to the gourmet guide “the best saffron from Spain at the moment”
This is a special re wine from DUMIA close to my friend Pepe Solla in Solla Restaurant were he serves this wine to.
The wine is made by Miguel Alfonso and it is BIODYNAMIC. The name is Do Umia make sure you let the air breath 30 min before drinking. Such a natural beautiful and clean wine.
This beauty is the “Iberian Cheese” Goats that graze amongst the iberican pigs also eating the acorns hence the cheese having this luscious nutty flavour.
This is MANCHEGO – officially the best artisan Manchego of spain 2010-2011-2012  from the La Mancha Region made with raw Ewes milk
On the left Austurian cheese made of cows and goats milk matured in cider called SIDRA. On the right from MENORKA a raw cows milk cheese matured in wooden oak barrels called MAHON.

This is one of my favourite experience of that day:
a cured beef please ask Ana to show you this with olive oil and toasted almonds together and Wine ………a must!!!!!
Super Gold Awarded Ewes milk Cheese matured in exquisit olive oil dried off. The skinn has slight green complexions and is best eaten after 1 year resting.
My other top favourite cheese of the day. A goats cheese from Malaga also Super Gold Awarded, bathed in olive oil and the vacuum packed for amazing infusion. Completely devine and out of the ordinary!!!!
Very importantly about all the caned foods sold at flavours of spain is they are all steamed then the best of olive oil is used to cover the product and all packed by hand. All these products are only produced only in the season.
Cured Venison with chopped almonds and extra virgin olive oil

Ana na Theresa have many little events going on over the next 3 months here in the POP UP take a look at there website.

The shop is closed Sunday’s and Monday’s the shop is open for 3 months.

Pre-christmas and christmas goodies for real foodie’s absolutely delicious.

If you want to come and visit with some friends e-mail Ana and Theresa they can surely organise a tasting afternoon for you. Ana makes incredible galician octopus and the famous squid ink empanada’s and much more.

check blog from flavours of food for up dates:

Sorry was raining a bit so board chalk was a bit washed away: