Kids making more sense then a lot of adults…

The Birke Baehr keynotes promote the fact that food advertisers often mislead consumers in order to attract them. In particular, Baehr discusses the use of packaging, additional incentives and deceptive branding by notable companies.

Although only eleven-years-old, Baehr possesses vast and in-depth knowledge of the food industry and its accompanying trickery. Currently, Baehr is a Youth Food Advocate and Public Speaker aimed at educating others about the detriments of growing industrialized food systems and food corporations. He completed his ‘Non-GMO Speaker Training at the Institute for Responsible Technology’ with Jeffrey Smith and his ‘Advanced Course in Quantum Agriculture with Mr. Hugh Lovel. Baehr is the youngest TEDx Next Generation presenter to date and his video “What’s Wrong With our Food System” was recognized as the most watched TEDx talk of all time.

As a speaker, Baehr addressed audiences at the ‘Nevada Country Grown Sustainable Fodd and Farm Conference’ and the ‘Organic Growers Association’s IGNITE! Agriculture’ event. He was featured in two food-oriented documentaries ‘Choice Point’ and ‘Bite Size’ and his work has been widely received by numerous websites and newspapers. Baehr authored one book title ‘Birke on The Farm,’ that discusses his own personal discovery about food and farming.

Despite his young years, the Birke Baehr keynotes contain insightful and thought-provoking information that is of great importance to all.