Galician Council wants to close Culler de Pau the best restaurant in Galicia

Culler de Pau is undoubtably one of the best restaurant in the whole of Galicia and is under scrutiny of the council trying to close his hard crafted michelin restaurant over something that is completely unjust! The whole scenario was sparked by a business man who seems to just want to create problems for reasons that are not honourable. There should be no surprise that many people- not just in Spain or Galicia- are really saddened and concerned for Culler de Pau as they have done nothing but achieve greatness for Galicia.

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It is unbelievable that Javier and his family and team would have to endure such a hardship. Culler de Pau has done nothing but support the interest in Galician cuisine and has encouraged so many to go to visit O Grove to visit his fantastic Restaurant. I myself have traveled to O Grove exactly for this reason 5 times to study his unique cuisine and learn about Galician flavours.

This is a translation of the spanish news paper of Galicia sorry if it is not completely making sense. You can read spanish version on this link:

Javier Olleros hopes to reopen Culler de Pau in less than three months

The restaurant sports a “Michelin Star” – A court order requires close to partially demolish and licensed – Birth of a social movement in support

Manuel Mendez Grove 30.12.2013 | 12:03

Javier Olleros in full promotion of places of supplies.  / / Muñiz

Javier Olleros in full promotion of places of supplies. / / Muñiz

The Culler Pau restaurant, located in Reboredo (O Grove) and captained by Javier Olleros, distinguished with a “Michelin Star” and considered one of the great masters of the national cuisine, today closed its doors.

As already explained before, the complaint of a businessman sparked a judicial process that resulted in an order of closure and partial demolition of the facility, which is why the City Council is obliged to implement the judgment and, consequently, seal the property, which can happen today.

For this reason, and because Olleros and his team used to take a vacation in the business in early January, has decided to precipitate events and initiate and your rest period. His intention now that the City Council streamline administrative procedures to the maximum and the problem is solved as soon as possible, thus validating the new project presented and starting from scratch, but without modifying the spirit of this award-winning restaurant.

The chef’s intention is to reopen the business in less than three months and not possible, if the process dilate over time, not rule-although neither desired a final closing and moving to another place, for which it has already established some contacts.

“You have to be positive and try to take advantage of adversity, so I want to take this as a vacation close to find and exploit new products and producers to help us do an even better restaurant when it re-open” reflects Olleros.

While appeals to the “goodwill” of local government to expedite the process, the famed chef tiptoes on “professional plaintiff” who initiated this process, a businessman grovense “that everyone knows and we stood at this difficult situation that has nothing to do with what we really do and we like the kitchen. ”

No more references to that employer, Olleros stresses that “well everyone knows who we are and our commitment is to be the promotional banner of O Grove, so I took the name of my people to every corner where I go.”

By now excited, and after serving lunch yesterday, Olleros does not miss the opportunity to thank the affection received. And this “star” of the kitchen, your business, your employees and all it represents the ambitious project Culler de Pau are not alone, but rather the opposite. The threat of closure has sparked a social movement of support is evident, especially in social networks, where countless messages of encouragement addressed to Javier Olleros and your business are reflected.

Those who know their good work in the kitchen stove praise its qualities from the quality of its food and the innovation that gives his recipes, always betting on the highest quality raw materials and / or local products.

Those who have never had the opportunity and luck to savor the Culler de Pau, defend its continuity because they consider Olleros an ambassador of O Grove outside and see your business as a brand of quality and distinction that helps to promote food and especially when this town holds.

Both sides make clear the existing social shock at the closure of the restaurant, and concern reaches such extremes that starts convened social protest doors, originally scheduled for next Friday consistory.