My spanish is not good but my father in law translate a little of what I wrote for my spanish friends…..

“…….Siempre he creído que el mundo de la pastelería offeres todos los otros cocineros un finde nueva ventana para evolucionar hacia nuevas dimensiones dentro de los alimentos.

Al unir todas nuestras habilidades, frente a la casa, artistas, cocineros, pasteleros, escritores, música podemos crear una y otra vez los movimientos que ayudan a impulsar la inspiración de una generación a la siguiente!…. Todos tenemos que seguir avanzando nuestras mentes, aceptar que todo es posible, conectar y pensar hacia adelante y lo más importante …….. juntos!

Quiero dar las gracias a los 4 chefs para tomar el valor de hablar tan sinceramente……”.

Hijos en la medida de vuestras posibilidades, no dejar nunca de aprender, leer y practicar en todos los  asuntos relacionados con vuestra profesión, será vuestra mejor inversión para el futuro….




I love ice-cream and more so I love the infinite dimensions and imagination we can reach with ice-cream.

This is what this convention was about and not just with any old pastry chefs and artisan Ice cream wizards  but with Angelo Corvitto the Godfather and provocateur of the possibility’s of frozen enigmas and dreams himself.

This is what he say’s and it is truly wonderful to read:

“When I started out as a professional ice-cream maker at the end of the 70s, the sector was very limited and shut out the possibility of learning the trade. There were no schools or courses, or even specialized books or magazines to obtain information on ice-cream making. I found it very hard to start and get going and I promised myself then that I would share everything I could manage to learn or find out with all those interested in starting or refreshing their knowledge in the world of ice-cream.

That is why the doors of my workshop have always been open to all professionals who wanted to visit me. I have never refused a visit or rejected a request for advice on how to concoct a certain dish and all those who know me can confirm this. I have never neglected to participate in journees or courses or to collaborate with companies to discuss the subject of ice-cream either.

My intention is to put an end to the vicious circle I found myself in when I started out. It turns out that people who don’t know have to make every effort possible to learn on their own, and when they do know, they don’t share their knowledge with the rest, meaning that those who begin afterwards have to start from scratch again and again. This doesn’t happen to all professionals but it has happened to a lot in this profession and, as a result, there is no record of any progress or development, which, in my opinion, prejudices all those who are dedicated to this line of work.

Cooking habits have changed a lot over the past decade. Gastronomy in general and especially cookery has shown an amazingly rapid, positive development.

Traditional ice-cream cannot remain tethered to the past. It must be modernized and take its rightful place in modern gastronomy. However, this cannot be achieved through the efforts of one or only few people but must be able to count on the support of most of those who dedicate themselves to this nice profession which is our livelihood.

We have to leave behind this small-minded attitude that makes us hide away in our shells like snails and communicate with others. We have to share our knowledge, combine experiences and start debates to solve any problems that may arise. We have to create a platform of knowledge to which each one of us contributes with a grain of sand to make new links until we create a pedestal that promotes traditional ice-cream to its rightful place.”

On May 29  conference took place in “Finca De Los Arandinos” (in Train, near Logroño) an incredible  place.

Mr. Corvitto Is so very sweet he has time for everyones questions.
The surroundings of this hotel are breathtaking!

The hotel produces there own wine
Were there is sugar there are little ants
Oswaldo Oliva from Mugariz, Jodi Roca: El Celler, moderator Mikel Zeberio, Angelo Corvitto, Duarte Fernando Saenz

My spanish is really limited however I did understand surprisingly very much. The spirit of this meeting was infectious and I felt many things that really related not only to only ice cream or pastry chefs but certainly to all chefs!

I always felt that the world of pastry offeres all other chefs a new window inorder to evolve to new dimensions within food.

By uniting all our skills, front of house, artist, chefs, pastry, writers, music we can again and again create movements that help to propel the inspiration from one generation to the next!

That is the essence I live for this is what is why I do what I do and I have been crying all my life to find the ones that want to do the same. Being at this convention was a blessing and assuring me that I am on the right track with my hart, intentions and inspirations.

Here are some small sections that were mentioned during this presentation:

Duarte Fernando Saenz, professor at Carpigiani Gelato University and head of the ice cream Della Sera  was the organiser of this beautiful event. “It was a forum where chefs presented their work , explaining how important their culinary philosophies and discussions of the future of ice cream experimentation is.”

Duarte Fernando Saenz was so kind to let us join this special event as it was mainly for journalists.

I have to personally thank him for making it possible for me and Sergio del Castillo mora to be part of this beautiful event.

He was really kind to us and treated me and Sergio del Castillo Mora really well.

It was slightly intimidating as I dont speak the language very well and so many important people were present however I am so happy I went as I am now able to write my experience of such an important discussion from the perspective of a chef hopefully conveying the important message that this forum holds for everyone who is involved with the progression of the imagination and possibilities with our gastronomic industry.

– Fernando Saenz: was talking about the value of the messages nature sends through exploring the terrain of raw materials, which are not normally collected or used. Elaborations like sorbet Racima wort Winter (from the grape that is non-harvesting, collected in December) Choco Ice Barrel ( made from macerating Barrel ) or the Shadow of Higuera (a “blend” of maceration of fig leaf buds and branch pruning fig), evokeing memories  through a frozen emotions. In Grate, through a very particular and specific treatment of the raw materials to be used exclusively in the field of ice cream, we managed to give our elaborations more expressive nuances, thus achieving an enigma of unknown dimension in the field of ice cream.

– Oswaldo Oliva: Over the years, the dining at Mugaritz has evolved to become a test of ideas using flavors, textures and emotions to build an integrated experience positive for our visitors. Pleasure caused by a few spoonfuls of ice cream opens the door to a new field that always interests us: Innovation.

His presentation was so beautiful, I am so sorry I cant capture the content of all the presentations and discussions:(

– Angelo Corvitto:artisan ice cream can not stay stuck in the past. You have to catch up and claim the rightful place in modern gastronomy. But this can not be achieved through the efforts of one or a few, but the majority support of all those who are dedicated to this wonderful profession and  live it.

We have to abandon this petty attitude that makes us pulling back into our shells as snails we must open to others.

We need to share knowledge, experiences and join open discussions to solve the problems that may arise. We need to create a knowledge platform where everyone contributed their bit to add new links, to create an ice cream stand that elevates the craft to the place we all want.

My intention is to break the vicious cycle that I found in my beginnings. It turns out that he does not know has to make every effort to learn alone, as you know, does not share it with others, so that beginners then have to start from scratch.

With this, there is no progress or evolution possible, and I sincerely believe that we hurt all of us involved in this work.

Jordi Roca: El Celler is a free restaurant, committed to the creative forefront without sacrificing memory generations of family ancestors dedicated to feeding people.

We watched as the ice bridge that allows us to recover flavors linked to emotions of melancholy, of a forgotten time. To recreate a dream landscape in our imagination. Ice cream dreams invite to rejoice playing with any taste , ice cream is free.

We all need to keep moving our minds, Accept that anything is possible,connect and think forwards and most importantly…….. together!

I want to thank all 4 chefs for taking the courage to speak so sincerely.