Bookworm club

The magic of BOOKS

I Love Books !!

I been collecting books, my grandmothers cook books (My grandmother was from a baker family) , I inherited old kyoto kaiseki menu’s all handwritten by my masters master , from food books from all around the world. I cant always read them because I am so busy but just living amongst books gives me a sense of comfort. I need books around me and I just love love books.

I also love art and many other kinds of books. The Library is always open…..



             Notebooks of Michel Bras

Reinventing Food: Ferran Adria: The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat

I will update regularly, please send me book recommendations

el Bulli 2003-2004 Cookbook
el Bulli 2003-2004 Cookbook

 as well……

One thought on “Bookworm club

  1. I also like to collect books, I don’t have very much books about cooking but I want to improve my collection soon.
    Books are always present in my life. To me at the moment, they are the only way to get information about everything I’m interested.
    The oldest book I have is the one I received for my 4th birthday, many years ago. It isn’t an important book but It is passed throught the hands of my younger brother and sister, surviving! Now it is back on my shelf.
    Books are always good friends….


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