Pictures from my first restaurant 2001 photo by AYO Banton

This restaurant from 2000 till 2004-5  was completely different from what you will find now. My vision and passion for cuisine, restaurant concept  was and is completely different from the owner now. After 4 years of building this project inconsolable differences created a split between myself and the other person involved who was also my life partner at the time.

I walked away with nothing except my passion and talent after 4 years of very hard work. I was completely unprotected legally and had no idea that this would ever happen to me.

Despite this I am very proud of what I was able to achieve with the people I was working with at the time and therefor have no regrets as it was an experience of what I am able to  achieve only fulled with passion and love in my hart for what I do and nothing else.

My pastry chef whom I trained from being a kitchen porter and not speaking a work in english. I trained him on all sections and now he is head chef of his own restaurant. Often a KP can achieve more then the chefs that came through my door because he was willing to learn and his mind was open. Photo by AYO Banton
Old Articles from 2001. I feel I have a lot to thank for to Guy Diamond!

Macaron was my second  that won best patisserie over Laduree and Sketch that year. The project was with Roger Roland and Bertram Lenet together and with the very young at the time Nicolas Houchet.

Winning best Patisserie over Laduree and Sketch.

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