One night in Giro Giro Kyoto

On my bike through Kyoto I passed this place called Giro Giro many times. I saw these young guys in White uniforms and ties looking rather curiously and gastronomically. I was very shy to go but really wanted to go and find out what they were doing.

One night late a friend came to join me on the new venture of opening a new restaurant in Barcelona and he was very hungry however it was so late past 12.

We passed this restaurant and they were all still serving customers and we went around to the entrance to be warmly welcomed into the world of Giro Giro.

The first night we had beautiful cloudy sake  and a little plate of a sakura seasonal Hassun.

IMG_0789 IMG_0792


Giro Giro is casual but full of people that love to enjoy and what is so special about Giro Giro is that the chefs enjoy with you every minute you are with them.

We loved this place so much that we reserved a table for the next day to taste the full experience and to try more beautiful sakes cloudy Ume shu and Yuzu Beers.

Thank you to all the team Giro Giro we love what you do and how you do!!!!

Rocking modern keiseki Giro Giro way and all the way 🙂

What turned out to be a shy hesitation turned into a big sharing of passion for the cuisine and human contact in the free life. Giro Giro guys are so cool and sweet and if you go to kyoto or Paris be sure to go and visit them!

Goemon is the chef in charge below in the picture, he is young passionate and so talented surrounded by other very cool and talented chefs that have a human fun and happy hart to life.

Thank you for sharing together with us we will never forget this special night in Kyoto under the Sakura trees.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 06.22.04


IMG_0798 IMG_1063IMG_1112 IMG_1064 IMG_1068IMG_1070 IMG_1069 IMG_1072 IMG_1076 IMG_1077 IMG_1079 IMG_1081 IMG_1083
IMG_1092 IMG_1093
IMG_1098 IMG_1103 IMG_1106 IMG_1108

IMG_1120 IMG_1129
IMG_1136 IMG_1137
IMG_1141 IMG_1144 IMG_1145 IMG_1148 IMG_1150 IMG_1153 IMG_0817



1: salt flank and squids steamed, beans (soramame) soup and plum sauce.

2: daurade sushi narazuke slice plum sauce, grilled salmon roll in cherry leaf white miso and mustard sauce,yuba green wasabi et soy sauce, octopus,yuba maki of asparagus with shrimp sauce, sweatfish, sweat omelet with japanese salsify ,oyster roll with rice paper,fried asparagus cooked with shrimp powder.

3: daurade fish soup ,grilled dorade soft-roe (laitance) ,shitake ,udo, yuzu, green oignon.

4: suhis,sesame rice ,boutargue,radish leaf, lump eggs,shizo leaf and strawberry.

5: grilled pork sauce fukinoto,daisy flower leaf sauce,salt, baked bamboo roots, udo marines with ponzu sauce.

6: fried aburame( fat greening) made with rice powder, colza flower, radish and grapefruit and black seaweed mash, white tofu sauce.

7:rice with sakura salt;grilled eel ,green peas,red miso soup, tsukemono>cabbage plum sauce,half dry bonita, pickles.

8:pancakes, coconut ice cream, cherry blossom jelly, passion fruit sauce, crispy chocolate.




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