A homeless chef on a new path

IMG_9293 Many times my phone rings and the message is always the same: A japanese restaurant please. I explain the evolution curve through the Japanese culinary history  usually I start from the 1970’s onwards to give the foundation of japanese evolution in the west, a little about the origin and were we should be going as a new project in this time in order to create relevance. It always involves a crazy mission to Japan Kyoto and many many communication hurdles. Often the company is not experienced in the field and  it leaves one in a very difficult position of having to really represent the cuisine at its best and delivering a new concept that will have a long life rather then another adaptation of what already exists. I really admire anyone who makes there dreams exactly as they feel it needs to be. I apply the same spirit and hart but need to always explain why and how so everyone can really understand why we should go this way. Fortunately I am moving to a gastronomic location like Barcelona so even though there are many great chefs and culinary high evolved concepts I still have to learn fast and adjust the right place, style direction for my new project. This time I go alone without my team all alone into the unknown but jet familiar. This is probably my most emotional and sensitive and hard as in most challenging project yet. Chef characters are also a interesting and significant aspect. In my case being female comes with other layers of sensing feeling and thinking sometimes this is really uniquely helpful in other cases being the only one can be alianatingly alone. Men seem to not tend to overthink as much as I do and are less effected by things. I am not saying all females and males are like this however I am defiantly cursed blessed by this kind of extra sensitive sense. Andoni from Mugaritz is the first person to live sensitivity and emotion and abstract concepts in a way that feels very feminine and subtle. I was so relieved when I went to Mugaritz to hear feel and share all this. I felt I was not alone. On the road of creating unfolding the people come together the facilitys are as such and the directors are as they are and all is slowly unveiled to be  and show what is the project. Before this nobody really knows. In my case I see it quite clearly. I just need to go into a space and I see everything before my eyes, The cuisine how to operate the feeling the business the character of all and the design. Unusually in my case I am far more involved not just a chef. I have a very holistic role in every project and knowing that one is nothing without the other I always facilitate and contribute a entireness and connection and deliverance of the concept in every detail. That means to have a thread running through all and every detail to reflect back to this line. The core soul of the project itself. This core line is in most cases very deeply connected to my energies as I spend my life dedicated to only japanese cuisine and therefor is very personally felt. Thats were one has to be careful and not lose the balance. Relationship is everything and of course communication is like a wild dragon sometimes it sleeps and is calm and easily can spit fire and go out of control. This is exaggerated however there is a truth in this therefor it is very important to try to connect to a mutual energy and agreement as to how one can create a good platform for this communication and interaction at work. In some cases it just naturally flows in others it is something that is really controlled. Nobody is perfect so in my case I try to understand the person. In my feeling I do like to really expose my self openly to my work as my work is my path it is crazy but interesting. I often hear professional and really dont know exactly what that should mean apart that something may be suppressed in order to just get results. I am talking about non emotional involvement as being explained to me as professional attitude some time ago. I question myself about this. Of course we need to work control ourself and produce get the job done results etc but on another side I do exactly the opposite within this frame because I want to feel I want to really feel even if it is not comfortable. I always appreciate the truth and honesty of chefs when they say I was a crazy guy and on a road of life I found cooking and it unfolded my life like this and within my profession i am able to live a full and rich life because I am here having a human experience with everyone right now and here. I may be a fool I may be ignorant I may be complex and difficult however I am also full of love and wonder toward the life with I share with others. Loosing myself for a moment may be the case sometimes but to only find a better me. Important it is to relax and enjoy the thing that feels so hard to do is what I need to do more of. Yes sometimes I share my crazy thoughts just like this for no reason as all we see to many pictures of the food and not enough of the person and his or her real human story. Chefs in all the world must know must explain must be right however it is far more subtle and delicate. I enjoy the time the cuisine becomes human and real. I dont know what will happen in my path now but I will let you know and hope to even work or meet some of you in the near future. The path of your dreams is long and hard so do not give up! Dreams are just the catalyst for you to start walking and within the walking itself is the real path. Gambate


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