Wakatsuki takehan sushi ART perfection and beauty

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 19.04.09Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 15.52.39Edo-style sushi at Ebisu, Daikanyama

“I inherit a bamboo sushi restaurant and as the second generation.

Changed the shop name “Sushitake-han” revised, as “Sushitake-han Wakatsuki” from March 5, 2013, I was allowed to start anew.

From now on, feeling the wind of the times, to refine further work which I inherited from its predecessor, with the aim of the shop is that I will continue to devote myself to sushi road.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 16.31.34

This restaurant is an incredible find and I see this chef as very special and an incredible artist of EDO style sushi.

Yes artist, in the true sense that every single thing he does in the restaurant he actually creates himself. He created the decor of the restaurant, the plates, the menu design is written in his own hand he creates the flowers like a true Edomae Chef. Every single piece of food item he creates is a art piece and technically so well executed and all the flavour and textures are outstanding!!!

This is my top 1 address and the one to watch. I would ask all my chef friends to go to this restaurant!

I feel incredibly privileged to have visited this very talented and gifted chef.

Currently he holds no star but watch this space as he will be having many in the near future I believe!

I want to thank everyone at Wakasuki Takehan and Maki san for this very unique experience.


DSCF1488 DSCF1489 DSCF1491 DSCF1492 DSCF1494 DSCF1495 DSCF1497 DSCF1498 DSCF1503 DSCF1505 DSCF1506 DSCF1507 DSCF1508 DSCF1512 DSCF1514 DSCF1515 DSCF1519 DSCF1521 DSCF1523 DSCF1524 DSCF1525 DSCF1526 DSCF1527 DSCF1529 DSCF1530 DSCF1533 DSCF1536 DSCF1540 DSCF1541 DSCF1543DSCF1554 DSCF1553 DSCF1556 DSCF1558 DSCF1560 DSCF1572 DSCF1570 DSCF1568 DSCF1566 DSCF1565 DSCF1563 DSCF1574DSCF1579 DSCF1583 DSCF1584 DSCF1594 DSCF1601 DSCF1604DSCF1586 DSCF1608 DSCF1610 DSCF1611DSCF1614 DSCF1618 DSCF1623I (NI) want to thank everyone at Wakasuki takehan for this precious experience. Eating here is a real education and pleasure as there is so much to see and appreciate from the flowers to the plates to the perfection and execution of perfect Edomae style sushi in the 20th century. It is so important to see the new generation of Edomae chefs are still creating and practising so beautifully!!!

I want to apologise about my photography as it really does not make the experience justice, I will try to buy a better camera in future all pictures are from my i phone.

Arigato gozaimasu!!!!


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