Mugaritz… an experience of a life time

Mugaritz is the most emotional culinary experience I ever had since being a child and entering the japanese culture through Toshiro Mifune in 1975.

I found that emotions were not only pouring out of me but everything around me in Mugaritz was pouring into me.

Emotions is something not very popular in most kitchens and a sensitive person like myself often finds it hard as feeling, sensitivity and intelligent-creative thinking  is everything for me.

I was moved for days and still am. I even was crying at the incredible depth of this experience of a lifetime I shared together with Sergio at Mugaritz.

What everyone in Mugaritz achieved is magical and truly, I dream of this, I can feel it and love it.

This is not a review so I will not write what things are as I feel everything stads for itself no descriptions needed, only imagination. You must experience this yourself and for each one it will be different depending on how receptive you are. It is a very personal experience but surely one that is a unique experience of a lifetime.

The pictures dont even tell the story of what I felt as they only show the physical, If I could show the internal experience it would be a story of Ni and Sergio in wonderland were anything is possible with symphonies of pure delight and magic. It would be like entering a very sophisticated abstract painting, a living dimension of art and creativity.

Even the language of this region is magical and poetic.

I just feel forever grateful for this experience of a lifetime that purely gives a wealth of life to many new ideas and feelings about the world we live in.

In the midst of beautiful countryside a house of passion and ideas emerges, welcoming every person unconditionally regardless of status, serving pure creativity on a plate in an environment that is orchestrated in reverse of any principle we normally conceive. This is when you enter into wonderland:


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