elBulli Foundation Cinema

There is no limitation on imagination and this why I love Ferran Adria. His plans for the future are incredible he is not only the best chef in the world but the most generous. He has shared everything with everone and he is stretching  possibilities and imagination to infinity.

The first time I met Ferran Adria was an accident in Barcelona.

I was walking and someone bumped right into me. I was startled then I could not believe my eyes…it was Ferran.

I was even more startled as I have the highest regards for this person through his work for many years and there he was bumping into me in the middle of busy Barcelona. I could not believe it. I am incredibly shy and would never talk to someone, but could not help myself and taped him on the shoulder as he was about to walk on and I literally crossed my self in christian fashion completely spontaneously and said Oh my god I am a very devoted person to your work. He was with a group of people and they could see my sincere overwhelming experience and seemed to find my response endearing and we were laughing together.

This was the most magical encounter for me. To bump like this together with the best chef in the world is no short of a miracle.

I am not christian at all, however it was as If I was meeting God. God is a creatieve force and this is exactly what Ferran is. He is one of the most an incredible creative forces alive.

He is currently busy with so many projects you can go to the elbulli website to see.

Below is the elbulli foundation plans of a cinema and space for brainstorming. All the info is from the elbulli website and VIMO:

Ferran y Juli nos piden un espacio para BRAINSTORMING y CINEFerran and Juli asked from us a space for BRAINSTORMING and CINEMA
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Ferran nos pide preservar las vistas desde el lugar privilegiado en que se encuentra la sala audiovisual.
El acceso será semienterrado y estará marcado como un apéndice del edificio.
el observatorio tendrá un mirador alargado y estrecho para poder disfrutar mejor de las vista.
comenzamos a acercanos al mundo de los CORALES MUERTOS, óseos, calcáreos, con perforaciones para dejar entrar la luz, o enfocar a vistas especiales del cielo.1. TACTICAL OBSERVATORY:
Ferran calls us to preserve the view from the privileged place, where the media room is located.
Access will be partially buried and marked as an appendix to the building.
the observatory will have a long and narrow viewpoint in order to enhance the viewing experience.
we began to approach the world of DEAD CORAL, bone, limestone, with holes to let in light, or focus on special views of the sky.
Movie Brainstorming exterior
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Brainstorming. Alzado
Brainstorming. Façade
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Brainstorming. Escenario 01. 9.00-11.00. Reunión de grupo
Brainstorming. Scenario 01. 09.00-11.00. Group meeting
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Primer simulacro de Escenario 01 en elBulli donde se ubicará la sala brainstorming. Con la última generación de camareros y cocineros de elBulliRestaurant. 17 de marzo del 2011.First simulation of Scenario 01 at elBulli where the brainstorming will be built. With the last generation of cooks and waiters of elBulliRestaurant. March 17th 2011.
Brainstorming. Escenario 02. 20.00-… chill out-cine
Brainstorming. Scenario 02. 20.00-… chill out-cinema
Movie brainstorming interior
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Brainstorming. Planta
Brainstorming. Plan
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Brainstorming. Planta de cubiertas
Brainstorming. Roof plan
Brainstorming. Sección por acceso principal
Brainstorming. Access section
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Brainstorming. Sección por el mirador
Brainstorming. Lookout section
Lenguaje y tecnología que se incorpora en la piel del brainstorming
Language and technology embedded in the brainstorming exterior skin
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Detalle exterior de la piel del brainstorming. Elementos tecnológicos y micropaisajes
Detail from the exterior skin of the brainstorming. Technological elements and microlandscapes
Detalle exterior de la piel del brainstorming. Elementos tecnológicos y micropaisajes
Detail from the exterior skin of the brainstorming. Technological elements and microlandscapes
Render exterior de la piel del brainstorming. Elementos tecnológicos y micropaisajes
Detail from the exterior skin of the brainstorming. Technological elements and microlandscapes
Imágenes interiores del brainstorming
Interior images of the brainstorming
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Proceso constructivo del brainstorming:
Creación de un inflable – Introducción del mallazo – Proyección del aislante y hormigón – Creación de perforaciones
Constructive process of brainstorming:
Creation of the inflatable – Introduction of the mesh – Projection of the insulation and concrete – Creation of holes
elBullifoundation©Cloud 9
Estudio estructural de DOMOStructural studio by DOMO
Estudio estructural de DOMOStructural studio by DOMO

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