Executive Pastry Head Chef – Regis Cursan – Nobu London

Regis Cursan Nobu Uk Executive Pastry Head Chef – Nobu Park Lane and Nobu Berkeley

Born in 1974 Regis made his first appearance in a professional kitchen at the age of 17. Inspired as a child from his Grand mother, Regis seized every opportunity to learn at her side. His formal pastry education completed ,he served 14 months the French army in Guyana where he developed an interest for “exotic” fruits and vegetables ,spending his time off in the forest with farmers.

Back in France he carries on perfecting his craft and skills in different shops and restaurants. Moving to London in 1999 he worked in Patisserie Valerie for several years, punctuating with stages in France and Spain. In 2004 following the request of his long time friend Gabriele Riva he joined Nobu in Park lane, 2 years later he was offered the position of Executive Pastry chef for the group in the UK.

Full article and mini interview in September archive : https://thehomelesschefs.wordpress.com/category/regis-cursan-pastry-is-a-way-of-life/


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