Michel Bras and his knifes

Here is a little video of the creation of knifes by Michel Bras called KAI made in Japan.

A knife is so crucial as everyone already knows. Being able to create your own as you feel is a wonderful thing.

I have collected over 30 knives over the last 14 years and all are traditional handmade mainly from Kyoto from a very special knife maker.

I will write a separate blog about this another time.

I dont use one knife for everything. Every angle and style of the knife I have differs according to what the thing is you are needing to work with.

Traditional japanese knives need very special attention and care. I feel that my knifes are an extension of my most inner being and that they know more then me. I have a lot of respect for them.

I love seing Michel Bras work with his knife and the vegetables. He is so beautiful in that moment and so content. It seems all three elements are as one harmoniously. I see many chefs chopping around in the kitchen and that is kind of a pity for the knife and for the product that is being chopped up.


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