My need to deconstruct what we perceive to be the way to do everything…

Salvador Dali

Autumnal Cannibalism 1936

This complex painting portrays a couple fusing together in a kiss, quite literally devouring one another. The images of love and food are thoroughly mixed together, an impossible scene rendered in a very realistic style, creating a very vivid portrayal of an emotional experience with many possible interpretations.


I want to questions every traditional assumptions about what a restaurant is suposed to be. I want to question the certainty, identity of it all. Is there any meaning to be found in the actual sequence of events and everything that is in-between, around and in general?
I want to take this old TV apart look at every single thing and build a new one that has an open end of possibilities leading directly to inspiration. I would like every element pointing at inspiration.
Why we have this dry format of how things have to be??
Why is a restaurant set up the way it is, repeatedly the same in all the different colours.
Often when I go out to eat it is like groundhog day.
If architecture, art, space, lighting, furniture/ design, sequence of service, the way you eat, the way you are approached or something is presented to you all really is suposed to be an important elements adding to the sensory experience then that is what I want to explore to the fullest.
I like to go right into all the details and redefine it by deconstructing it, questioning it, feeling how it could be and redefining it.
I like working with other people together and therefor have meetings with many different individuals from designers, architects, thinkers, philosophers, painters etc etc to keep questioning and sometimes even romanticising visions about possibilities.
Every historic concept was once someones compositions of dreams, visions, references from other cultures, etiquetes that are also man made etc etc. So why not keep creating new standards, new ways, new everything?
Does not even have to be a new idea but at least think about it instead of applying the presumed formalities that can really feel impersonal and robotic at times.
Anything is possible and anything can change to make it more interesting and comfortable as well as fun for the people that come and spend the evening in your restaurant.
Why only apply new thinking to food alone?

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