Magnus Nilson…the FAVIKEN one of my favourite restaurant

I first came across Magnus at Madrid Fusion were he made an amazing presentation about the cattle and meat at the FAVIKEN.

He spoke of the cows being up to 12 years old or even more. Selecting special cows and they eat all the amazing herbs and plants around his area and then about how he ages the meat.

He is such a genuine guy and very down to earth. He was explaining everything so warm and welcoming and most of all with so much passion.

I felt it was one of the best presentations of the whole event.

I recorded the whole session which was about over 30 min and then when I was trying to save it, something happened and it all got deleted.

I was really sad until his book was released:

I was delighted that a lot that he spoke about at Madrid Fusion was mentioned in the book.

Here is a small interview and background info as what he is all about:

The concept of his restaurant is very similar to japanese philosophy in terms of seasonality and locally unique produce in your immediate environment. Due to japan being very isolated in the past, they aslo had to preserve a lot of the seasonal fruits and vegetables in different ways inorder to sustain themselves.

I have a big passion for pickling and preserving of foods as this is still a very important part of the japanese diet to this day.

This is his greenhouse:

This is a very interesting method he is using to cook meat:

This is dessert at the Faviken:


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