Jose Gonzalez- Solla……..the young godfather of the Nove group Galicia

I want to write about this wonderful person called Jose who I meet last year in Galicia at the Santiago Forum.

He is the second chef I meet in my life that is so incredibly generous and from the hart all the way and his work is phenomenal. I call him the young godfather of the Nove Group.

Nove Group is a group of young and very talented chefs from Galicia all doing incredible work all located in different beautiful settings.

Jose is the person who helps everyone selflessly in order to bring the best to all his chef community.

When Jose speaks he speaks so movingly and is leaving a legacy of togetherness and community for years to come.

I have a lot more to say about this special person so please stay tuned…….

This is a very beautiful and very great book about the Nove group GALICIA.


There are more chefs from the nove group that are unfortunately not all in the picture.

I will develop this article over time. News of the nove group coming soon………..


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