Pop up 2008

POP UP 2008 in 2008 in Mayfair / Banksy.

I had no kitchen and was given a room to work in that had a white beautiful carpet and a velvet to die for Chaise Longue.

I had to cover everything really well not to damage anything in the room.

There was no sink no nothing and I literally went running around everywhere to create a make due kitchen with a very small budget using builders tables and believe it or not the whole menu was cooked with camping burners.

I did the whole organisation almost alone and the event took around 4 days, 3 of which is just setting up.

I literally dont sleep at all the night before due to so much preparation to be done.

I often dont have the chance to practice the menu before and mentally meditate everything out in my mind over and over drawing and noting things down for my team so they can at least have some Idea how it will look and what we have to do.

Unfortunately I am always so busy and the pictures are not that good taken with our phones snapping while plating.

The theme of the menu was freestyle, referencing to some japanese and some homages to my favourite chefs.

It was an event to raise money for a Banksy project for a group of young artist to transform a space in london.

The after math was 2 day’s of cleaning. This is me in the office kitchen wrapping all the left over products.


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