Monologues in my head

If you dont feel well you can not create well

If you can not see well you can not create well

If you dont think well you can not create well etc etc….

In cooking it is hard to think well, everyone knows all about cooking, everyone has an opinion, what should I do?

Should I buy a farm in the middle of no were and create food like the stone ages, research meat glues, find new sience apparatuses, or should i just be traditional. The culinary world is always searching for something new to present and when you do it soon is outdone by something else. As soon as you find to be adored in the same breath you are the very thing that will be a drag.

Sometimes the need for speed in development of constantly new ideas  feels as if you are going to be suffocate.

A thought just sprang to my mind that was consoling which was that the Reminiscences  of Joan Roca’s dishes emanates  humanistic, charming and innocence and sometimes also humorous quality’s.

No matter what happens or what you do for me personally if the humanity is not reflected in some way I feel, it then becomes hard to relate.

I remember in Mifune as a 5 year old eating wasabi and raw fish with no problem in fact I loved it and this was because the people giving me this food had so much humanity and kindness that it did not matter if we even spoke the same language.


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